CFTW: "Black Ice" Crystals :)

it's been freeeeezing cold these past few days . . . this piece was inspired by the weather :)
this CFTW features subtle coloured crystals, which can be easily paired with any outfit!

sooo hard to photograph buuut trust us,
this combo looks AMAZING in person
(i wore it to work today andd got sooo many compliments
. . . anddd a few sales :)

iono why buuut this this pic reminds me of
a musical jewellery box my mom had when i was a kid
. . . it had a ballerina that twirled around in tune with the music

i tried to do an artistic shot . . . and failed lol

i actually think this piece would look better with the
box chain necklace instead of the diamond curb
(thats how i wore it to work :)
. . . i just got too lazy to switch it around when i
photographed the piece lol

The damage?
The crystals ($4 + $12) + bails (2 x $3) + necklace chain ($7) = $29 :) Again . . . these are alll sterling silver! hehe. such a good deal, if i may say so myself ;)

Get the EXACT piece here:
Image of Black Ice Crystals
Black Ice Crystals

orrrr if youre the crafty type orrr you simply want to "custom" the crystals, here's what you need:
Image of 30mm Pegasus
30mm Pegasus in Black Diamond

Image of 14mm Heart
14mm Heart in Crystal

Image of Medium Leaf
Medium Leaf x2

Image of 18in Box chains
18in Box chain