CFTW: Flowers with Love :)

Crystals for the Win?
Crystals f*** the What?
lol nooope . . . it's actually Crystals for the While :)

noooow for today's CFTW!

it's a bracelet this time :D

it's blurred buuut it still shows the sparkle :)

features an Aurora Borealis 18mm Flower
with a cutie 12mm Siam Flower
(the yellow on the small flower is actually
a reflection of the bigger flower.
the Siam flower is very red in real life :)

theyre strung on a sterling silver heart chain
anddd ofcourse, the sterling silver leaf bails were used
to complete the look :)

here's how it looks like on my sister's wrist :)
want to know how versatile this piece is?
... the flower pendants can easily be strung in and out
of the heart chain bracelet. sooo if you have a necklace chain,
you can easily take the pendants off and string them
through your chain . . . for the times when you just
don't feel like wearing a bracelet :)

my sister asked to re-take the pic with the pendants in the middle
(she said it looked "uneven" with them on the side lol)

The damage?
The big flower ($6) + cutie flower ($4) + 2xsmall leaf bails ($4) + heart chain bracelet ($10) = $24. wooooo sooo affordable . . . even i was suprised with this one LOL

Get the EXACT piece here:
Image of Flowers with Love
Flowers with Love

orrrr if youre the crafty type orrr you simply want to "custom" the crystals, here's what you need:
Image of 18mm Flower
18mm Flower

Image of 12mm Flower
12mm Flower

Image of Small Leaf
Small Leaf (BUY TWO ;)

Image of 7in Heart links
7in Heart links