Eye Candy Lenses = LOVE

SO I bought circle lenses at around this time last year and
since they only last for one year its time to buy new ones! =)
I got them from this site www.eyecandylens.com

So like most asian girls im obsessed with BIG eyes!
so i first found out about circle lenses a year and a half ago
and wanted them SO BAD lol
For those of you who dont know what circle lenses are,
they're these special type of contact lenses that have an extra black ring on them
so that they make your eyes look BIGGER
have you ever seen those asian girls pose with their GIGANTIC doll eyes
and thought to yourself darrrn shes lucky! lol
before I found out about circle lenses I thought they wer
e natural too =P
so after much research I decided to head over to pmall to get my pair
when I got there I found out how SUPER OVER PRICED they were! arrggh
well so I did some more research and found out about eyecandylens.com

This site carries A LOT of lenses (so hard to choose!)
Anyway I finally decided and got the hypersize circle black lenses
they have the largest enlargement so it gives you a really dolly look
anyway i wanted something natural so i went for the black ones
but really if you want something natural then you should get BROWN!
black gives you more of a doll eyed effect

Anyway they are really nice and answer emails very promptly!
What I like about them is that they do FACETRADES! =))
I really dont like waiting around for shipping and
would rather schedule a meetup and they do that! =))
Anyway if you guys are interested then go ahead to their site and choose a lens
I'm going to get the same pair as last year but in brown
I want to try the natural look this year =P

heres me wearing the hypersized lenses i got =))
this was right after i picked them up (yea i was excited lol)
you can see how black and dolly my eyes look in this picture
hehe i loooves it! i think my picture shows the lenses better
than the ad does too! lol

Anyway thats all thats been on my mind today!
gonna order my lenses now!! =)))
i might start my own blog since my sister started her own too
well i already started one awhile ago but never really used it
sooo maybe ill get back in touch with that one =P

love you loveliesss *hhheart*