CFTW: The Tanzanite Onesie

this is a quick CFTW. i'm sick . . . :(

the crystal is called "Tanzanite" (in the 18.5mm Heart)

here's a closer look of the crystal's "cuts"
. . . reason why Swarovski crystals stand apart from the rest:
ALLLL their heart crystals have the same facets which
make them inimitable :)

crappy pic of the crystal buut it shows the heart chain bracelet that's super popular ^^

here it is on my sister's wrist . . . check out the facets!!
(even though it's a blurry pic, you can still see the Swarovski craftmanship :)

another crappy pic of the crystal buut it shows how the whole thing looks on your wrist :)
(just use your imagination with the crystal LOL).

fyi, the crystal is a pale lavender in real life. such a "pure" colour . . . when you're looking at it in real life, it's like you're holding water (a lavender coloured heart shaped water lol . . . if such a thing exists). i suck at descriptions.
. . . yet another thing to add to the list we suck at:
1. photography skills = subpar skills
2. describing crystals = loser skills

whatever . . . we try lol

The damage?
The Tanzanite crystal ($6) + medium leaf bail ($3) + heart linked bracelet ($10) = $19 :) wooooots!! now show me a store that can beat THAT ;)

Get the EXACT piece here:
Image of The Tanzanite Onesie
The Tanzanite Onesie

orrrr if youre the crafty type orrr you simply want to "custom" the crystal, here's what you need:
Image of 18.5mm Heart
18.5mm Heart

Image of Medium Leaf
Medium Leaf Bail

Image of 7in Heart links
7in Heart linked Bracelet


rhaindropz | October 15, 2009 at 3:29 AM

hun check this out: hugs!!! rhain