*NEW* DIY Studs :)

these babies are debuting at the store for only $5 per baggie :)

each baggie contains the materials you need to make a pair of Crystallized Swarovski studs!
- 2x Crystallized Swarovski studs (the sparkly stuff :P)
- 2x cupped posts (they're the things that go through your piercing)
- 2x butterfly clutches (they're the things that go behind your ear to secure your studs)

*not included (but needed) in the baggie is: super glue! (due to shipping rules/regulations). look around your dad's toolbox orrr your mom's craft box though, we're pretty sure you'll find an unopened tube somewhere in your house :P

1. place a drop of glue in the "cupped" portion of the post

2. take your Crystallized Swarovski stud (use a pair of tweezers cuz it can get sticky!) and place them on top of the cupped post (alternate: lay your crystal on a flat surface and place your cupped post over it)

3. apply pressure to the post and stud to make sure they're secure (but not too much!)

4. repeat for the other stud :P
5. leave them to dry for 24 hours . . . anddd voila! they're now worth $15 ;)


get them nowww while quantities last!! :)


mmapples | January 10, 2010 at 12:13 PM

I love the DIY studs idea! I hope you keep coming out with more :) will you be offering earring threads in your store in the near future?

Anonymous | September 2, 2010 at 2:55 AM

Are the cupped posts sterling silver? Or hypoallergenic? Because otherwise my poor sensitive ears won't be able to wear them :(