CFTW: Spring Frost

we know we've been lagging on the CFTW's, we've been busy busy busy (and a little lazy to be honest lol)... hopefully you guys understand though, we started 23 Crystals for funzies! NOT a way to make $$ (i think everyone pretty much knows that from the way we price our products :P)... buut more so a way to share sparkles! <3

anyways, one of our supporters, Ailynna (HI :P) requested pics of the following crystal combo... sooo we decided to make a CFTW (Crystals for the While) post out of it :)

the sparkliness of the snowflake is balanced out by the paleness of the leaf 
... def a great combo!! :)

If youre interested in owning this piece, check out our store (www.My23Crystals.com) and add to cart the following products:
- 20 mm Snowflake ($6)
- 32mm Leaf ($12)
- 2 x Medium drop bails ($6)
- 16" Box chain necklace ($5)

Damage? $29 (we should really stop calling it a "damage" since our stuff is soooo cheap lol)

As usual, don't hesitate to email us at 23Crystals@gmail.com if you want to see certain crystal combos together before purchasing! (FYI, next CFTW's will be Victoria's request :)