What about FACE TRADES?

for those who are wondering . . . YESSSS we still do face trades!

To order, follow instructions below :)
1. For crytals - jot down size, shape and quantity (i.e. 18.5mm Heart x1)
2. For bails - jot down size and quantity (i.e. medium leaf x1)
3. For necklace chains - jot down length, style and quantity (i.e. 16in box chain x1)
4. For bracelet chains - jot down style (i.e. 7in heart chain)

. . . andddd as usual, email us with your order at 23Crystals@gmail.com along with your preferred face trade location.

Face trade location/fees** below:
1. Erin Mills Town Centre - $2
2. Shopper's World Brampton - $0
3. Heartland Town Centre (any store there) - $2

andddd ofcourse, same rules** apply for face trades:
- $20 minimum (not including face trade fee)
- bail restriction (can't buy the bail if you don't buy the crystal :P)

**Rules anddd face trade fees/location are non negotiable!

thaaaat's it, easyyyy peasyy :)