Announcement: We ship EVERYWHERE now!! ♥

hiiii guys!
we've opened ourselves up once again to International orders! YAYYYY lol. Here's just the rundown from our FAQ page in our official store:

How much is shipping?
  • $2 for Canada
  • $3 for US
  • $4 International
. . . these are the rates for Standard Mail, which has no insurance coverage and no tracking. We've never had problems with lost/stolen mail (we did get 1 instance where our customer found the wait was too long buuut that was due to custom delays!) sooo we don't see the point in charging our customers extra for those services. If you do want tracking and insurance, let us know :)

How long will it take for me to receive my order?
  • Canadian addresses = up to 2 weeks (on average though it'll be about a week, sometimes as little as 2 business days :);
  • U.S. addresses = up to 6 weeks
  • International addresses = up to 8 weeks
. . . Shipping delays are caused by customs, which we have no control over :( I know the long wait is a bummer buuut we promise, the wait is worth it

lots of loooove,
Anne & Toots :)


Anonymous | October 29, 2009 at 8:31 AM

yayyy for international shipping! ive wanted to purchase from you ladies for a while and now i have the chance, youll hear from me soon! thank you dolls!