CFTW : Fire & Ice Bracelet

Hey Dudes

Heres another CFTW for your viewing pleasure =)

Siam flower & an AB heart

Pretty and elegant, just like you =)

The damage?
Big heart (6.00) + Small flower (4.00) + Medium bail (3.00) + Small bail (2.00) + Heart link bracelet chain (10.00) = 25.00 =)

Get this exact piece here:
Image of Fire & Ice Bracelet
Fire & Ice Bracelet

Dont fancy the colours or want to try making it yourself?

Here's what you'll need:
Image of 18.5mm Heart
18.5mm Heart

Image of 12mm Flower
12mm Flower

Image of Medium Leaf
Medium Leaf

Image of Small Leaf
Small Leaf

Image of 7in Heart links
7in Heart links

Have a good day =)
Be creative and let your personality show through s2

Anne & Toots