CFTW: Little Twin Starfishes

here's a CFTW to help us pretend it's summer again. ugh!

features starfishes in red magma (left) and silk (right) colouring
(FYI: red magma is a LIMITED EDITION colour!)

here they are again buuut now with red magma on top ;)
Red Magma = a very INTENSE/DRAMATIC red . . . i love this crystal!
Silk = a "SHY/PURE" peach that sparkles in the light
such a PERFECT combination . . . it's kinda like Yin and Yang but with colour :P

here they are side by side.
used the diamond curb chain necklace with this to add even more sparkle to this piece :)
(oh anddd, i reaaaally don't understand why you can see flecks of ORANGE on the red magma . . . the crystal is such an INTENSE red in real life! ugh i hate my camera/skills lol)

The damage?
2x Starfishes ($8) + 2x Small leaf bails ($6) + Diamond curb chain necklace ($7) = $21 . . . as usual, this piece is allll in sterling silver. did you know i passed by a shop in downtown T.O. that was selling the SAME diamond curb chain necklace ON ITS OWN for $20?? haha seriously though, i don't know how SOME PEOPLE have the BALLS to charge an arm and a leg considering today's economy. lowering your prices won't get you another LV bag, buuut it will put more smiles on more people . . . just a thought, that's all. share the sparkles beeeeyotchhh lol

Get the exact piece here:
Image of Little Twin Starfishes
Little Twin Starfishes

orrrr if youre the crafty type orrr you simply want to "custom" the crystal, here's what you need:
Image of 16mm Starfish
16mm Starfish (GET 2!)

Image of Small Leaf
Small Leaf (GET 2!)

Image of 16in Diamond curb
16in Diamond curb