CFTW: Spring Frost

we know we've been lagging on the CFTW's, we've been busy busy busy (and a little lazy to be honest lol)... hopefully you guys understand though, we started 23 Crystals for funzies! NOT a way to make $$ (i think everyone pretty much knows that from the way we price our products :P)... buut more so a way to share sparkles! <3

anyways, one of our supporters, Ailynna (HI :P) requested pics of the following crystal combo... sooo we decided to make a CFTW (Crystals for the While) post out of it :)

the sparkliness of the snowflake is balanced out by the paleness of the leaf 
... def a great combo!! :)

If youre interested in owning this piece, check out our store ( and add to cart the following products:
- 20 mm Snowflake ($6)
- 32mm Leaf ($12)
- 2 x Medium drop bails ($6)
- 16" Box chain necklace ($5)

Damage? $29 (we should really stop calling it a "damage" since our stuff is soooo cheap lol)

As usual, don't hesitate to email us at if you want to see certain crystal combos together before purchasing! (FYI, next CFTW's will be Victoria's request :)


* Jewelry Designer: Harjot * | May 4, 2010 at 8:24 PM


Anonymous | July 31, 2010 at 9:59 PM

I love this combo! I was always hesitant to get the snowflake b/c I couldn't figure out if I could ever wear it during non-winter months. This solves that issue!