CFTW: Golden Shadow Heart

the Golden Shadow heart is one of the most popular crystals we have andddd definitely one of our fave crystals to work with. It has a super nice golden sparkle with subtle colouring . . . = can be paired with different colours without it clashing/being "too much" orrr can be worn on its own :)
as sparkly as it looks on the picture, it still doesnt do justice to the crystal
(you'll find we say this a lot with our pieces . . .
what do you expect? we have a crappy camera + crappy camera skills LOL)

decided to pair it with our diamond curb chain for that extra sparkle!

The damage?
With our new pricing structure . . . $6 for the crystal + $3 for the bail + $7 for the diamond curb chain = $16! . . . and that's allllll in STERLING SILVER! LOL we're all about recession pricing here :)

Get it here:
Image of 18.5mm Heart
18.5mm Heart

Image of Medium Leaf
Medium Leaf

Image of 16in Diamond curb
16in Diamond curb


miss.erica | September 29, 2009 at 6:49 PM

I love the new business plan!! Makes this kind of jewelery much more accessible to buyers at this price point, as compared to some other sellers who mark up their products much much more!! I will be buying soon :D Expect an email from me hehe ^^

23 Crystals | September 30, 2009 at 6:37 PM

awww thank you!! we loooove our new business plan too :) hehe.