drum rolls pleaseeeeeeee . . .

g'morning everyone!
the website's about 95% done . . . we still need a new logo :( this just doesn't cut it . . .
it has no wow factor!

i actually loooove our original logo (designed by my bf :) anddd had NO plans of changing it buuut we came up with the website concept first andddd once we put the logo + website together . . . let's just say it wasn't a match made in heaven :( lol

anyway, itll have to do for now . . . my bf worked on this whole thing for far too long, he needs a break :P lol. regardless, im super super thankful that he did all this pro bono (well it's not like he had a choice, what kind of bf would charge his gf money? lol). buuut yahh, i keep on telling him to start taking in web design projects on the side (he gets LOOOTS of offers) . . . he's quite a talented designer! buuut he doesn't care about all that, he actually hates web designing lol. he's quite content with his full time job doing geeky stuff at a geeky firm :P whatever, i shouldn't be complaining . . . my bf can afford to spoil me silly + drive a niiiiiiice car + buy a condo DOWNTOWN for investment purposes = i'm a happy gf :) lol

this pic totally has nothing to do with the subject matter
just wanted to put something in between
since my blog posts tend to get quite wordy lol

anywayyyy, im super excited about the new website :) hehehehee. we chose a super simple colour scheme . . . brown + white! we actually had to go through soooo many iterations until we got to one that we both agreed on! first one ended up looking too tacky since we tried to go overly complex with the design . . . in the end, the saying "less is more" held true for the design :)
(believe it or not, the final design only took 2 hours to complete!!).

one thing im super super excited about is the whole "Fan Club" concept of the website. people who love our products can actually "join" our store, upload their own pics anddd have a profile they can update . . . best of all, they can "favorite" different products within our store anddd leave "Fan Feedback" (testimonials :P) for other people to read! :)

sooo yahh, we'll definitely use the Fan Club feature of our website for giveaway purposes! we'll do a random drawing for "Fan of the Month" (in place of our "Cutie of the Month" contest, which tends to get overly competitive!) . . . this will definitely save everyone time too since they only have to join once anddd they'll be eligible EVERY TIME there's a raffle :)

bahhhh before i ramble any further . . . we were supposed to wait til after church before we launched our new website buuuut i feel like being a "rebel" and announcing it early :) lol

click click click . . . http://www.My23Crystals.com/
(anddd before you guys ask, NO, 23crystals.com was NOT yet taken . . . we just opted for "MY23crystals.com" since we thought it fit our new business plan more . . . aka, YOU guys choose your crystals/bails/chains, get it get it? lol)

don't forget to join the Fan Club :)


Marie. | September 27, 2009 at 2:44 PM

Yayy!! A link!! Cute layout. I think the old logo would look just fine on the new site. I think the new logo is too thick.

23 Crystals | September 27, 2009 at 3:47 PM

thank youuuu! anddd ditto to the new logo . . . i think it's too thick too!! bahhhh . . . we'll see, just gotta bug the mister to either make me a new one orrrrr change up the old logo to fit the colour scheme better

. . . either way, we always appreciate your comments hunny :) MUAH