CFTW: Snow Angel

this piece features the super popular 20mm Snowflake crystal :) We decided to pair it with the 30mm Pegasus in Black Diamond to give it that naughty twist *rawrrr* lol. not many people know this but the Pegasus crystal is actually Swarovski's take on an angel's wing... hence why we named this piece a "Snow Angel"... get it get it? bahahahaha we're witty lol

as you can see, we used our new necklace chain for this piece
. . . a LOT of our customers have been requesting longer chains and we've delivered!
this chain is 20 INCHES long! the pendants will end up sitting around your cleavage ;)
* * *

a closer look at the crystals.
fyi, we only have a limited amount of the snowflake crystals sooo order
RIGHT NOW if you want it in time for Christmas :)
* * *

this pic is obviously photoshopped, buuut nothing tops how it looks in real life!!
* * *

The damage?
Snowflake ($6) + Pegasus ($12) + Small leaf bail ($2) + Medium leaf bail ($3) + 20inch SS Chain ($10) = $33!

Get the exact piece here:

orrrr if youre the crafty type orrr you simply want to "custom" the crystal, here's what you need: