CFTW: Moodies

Hey guys!

Okay so these necklaces don't change colour depending on your mood but they represent a type of mood or personality =)   One necklace is dedicated to the shy quiet girl and the other is dedicated to the centre of attention girl...which one are you??

 These are some solo shots of "shy girl" 
We choose very timid and muted colours.
We also choose the box chain as it is simple yet still pretty =)

 Some solo shots of  "Miss Popular"
We choose very flamboyant colours that are eye catching and hard to miss
The diamond curb necklace also adds that extra sparkle
Beautiful and glamorous....just like the popular girl

I personally LOVE the shy girl necklace =)
the aquamarine crystal goes perfectly with the peridot
because it has light green understated and pretty

Heres the pair together one last time <3

The damage?
Shy girl: 14mm heart ($4) + 10mm heart ($3) + Medium leaf bail ($3) + Small leaf bail ($2) + 16" box chain ($5) = $17

Miss Popular: 14mm heart ($4) + 10mm heart ($3) + Medium leaf bail ($3) + Small leaf bail ($2) + 16" diamond curb ($7) = $19

Buy the exact same pieces here:
OR to make your own, heres what you need:

And for the chain get either one of these, 
depending on the look that you want to achieve =)

Image of 16in Box chain

Thats it for today =)
Enjoy and treasure your 23 Crystal babies
Thank you all for your support

Anne & Toots


Lorelle | December 11, 2009 at 3:36 PM

Aw very cute necklaces! I especially <3 shy girl~