CFTW: Raspberry Vodka!

this one's a re-hash from one of our previous designs before we launched our official website ^^
we loooooove the contrasts between the two colours... and ofcourse, we love the name too, we're sooo witty sometimes! lol

the 16" diamond curb necklace chain goes perfectly with this!
* * *

had to blur the pic a bit on photoshop... my fingerprints showed up on camera and it was really bugging me lol

sooo pretty huh? :)

The damage?
26mm Leaf crystal ($8) + 12mm Flower ($4) + small leaf bail ($2) + medium leaf bail ($3) + 16" diamond curb chain ($7) = $24 :)

Get the exact piece here:

orrrr if youre the crafty type orrr you simply want to "custom" the crystal, here's what you need:


~Lisa | November 21, 2009 at 9:24 PM

Beautiful! I love how you give the option for customers to do it themselves =]