CFTW: The Black Ice Baroque Onesie

this CFTW features the Baroque crystal in Black Diamond. suchhhhh a nice colour in person!! we tried REALLY hard to translate its beauty in picture... buuuut we failed lol

here it is illuminated by the dim lighting of the computer monitor :P
(fyi, the blue is from the screensaver).
* * *

sucky picture :( buuut you can sort of see the many facets of the crystal
(more facets = more sparkle, anddd this one definitely has a LOT of facets!)
* * *

isn't it soooo pretty? it's soooo vintage! :)
* * *

The damage?
16mm Baroque crystal ($4) + Small drop Sterling silver bail ($2) + 16" Sterling silver box chain ($5) = $11 ... lol no damage at all hahaha :P

Get the exact piece here:

orrrr if youre the crafty type orrr you simply want to "custom" the crystal, here's what you need: