CFTW: A Millionaire's First Love

over these past few months, we got a LOT of requests to carry Swarovski's bigger heart crystals. it's taken us quite some time to get a good deal from our supplier buut we did it... and soooo here it is!

our first CFTW on this gigantic crystal! if for any reason you can only get ONE crystal from us... GET THIS! these crystals measure OVER an inch... trust us, you will get noticed with this around your neck!

L-R: Golden Shadow, Light Rose, Crystal
... because of their size, we decided to only carry VERY limited amounts of these crystals in our inventory. second batch won't be until mid Spring of this year sooo once sold out, they'll be gone for quite a while!
* * *

these babies measure OVER an inch... these are definitely a millionaire's first love ;)
* * *

you can pair it with the Medium leaf bail 
* * *

orrr a medium drop bail
... either way, they're a PERFECT fit for these crystals :)
* * *

to make the most out of this crystal, pair it with our 20in SS necklace chain... theyll sit right around your cleavage *rawr*

The damage?
28mm Heart ($15) + Medium bail ($3) + 20in SS chain ($10) = $28 :)

Get everything here:

orrr you can get the medium drop bail too (theyre the same price :P)


Packyx3 | February 7, 2010 at 11:00 PM

Hey =] i saw ur friend request on fb and i came to check out ur site~ awesome crystals at reasonable prices! wish i came across this before