CFTW: The S2Pandapple Necklace :)

a lot of people have been emailing us to do a CFTW feature on this necklace... we first introduced this back when 23 Crystals was still a baby, it was a big big big favourite then, anddd it still is a big favourite now!
for those that are new to our little community, we're big fans of Michelle (aka S2Pandapple). we made her this necklace with her gorgeous prom dress in mind :)




The damage?
18.5mm Siam Heart ($6) + 30mm Crystal Pegasus ($12) + Small leaf bail ($2) + Medium leaf bail ($3) + 20" SS Chain ($10) = $33 :)

Get everything here:

Happy shopping :)


Moon.Ink | January 24, 2010 at 2:25 PM

I'm such a pegasus necklace fan :'D I love everything with pegasus on it!